Is ‘Big Data’ too Big?

Right-Sizing Your Maximo BI Strategy
When working with and talking to many Maximo users, one of the most common questions or concerns surrounds the challenge of using data to drive improvement. By improvement, this could mean cost reduction, improved compliance rates, greater asset reliability, increased resource utilization or a host of other areas that impact the user community. As these conversations take place, inevitably the term ‘Big Data’ pops up on the radar. You see it in emails, webinar invites (like this one), industry publications and advertisements. It has become somewhat of a cliché’ that is somehow synonymous with companies using data to better understand general areas for improvement or to address specific competitive challenges facing their industry. While the concept of ‘Big Data’ can be intriguing, the reality is that it can often become an idea so daunting that many organizations simply cannot execute on it. This is particularly true when the focus is centered around CMMS.

As annual budget and organizational business reviews take place, they often result in a collective concern about how technology and data utilization can become a more integral and active part of a larger improvement program or strategy. As that conversation takes place within the business, some of the questions will introduce the concept of business intelligence (BI), metrics, KPIs, reporting and other data management tools. In short – ‘Big Data’. When considering business drivers, some of those questions might be:

  • What are our long-term data management objectives (what do we do with all this data we collect)?
  • How can BI make us more efficient and result in cost savings (or can it)?
  • Is ‘Big Data’ BI really necessary to deliver the information we need in order to make better business decisions?
  • What is the difference between metrics, KPI’s, reports that I can get out of individual systems vs. enterprise solutions and is BI right for us?
  • What is enterprise data warehousing and how does that work with BI to bring value to our business?
  • Have we really evaluated our use of Maximo and the related data capture?
  • Are we prepared to use the data we have available?

In addition to those business questions, technology questions must be addressed as well in order to determine overall viability. Again, when the ‘Big Data’ concept is discussed, a multi-disciplinary team might be required to dissect the different challenges and provide real answers:

  • What are the infrastructure and/or hardware requirements?
  • Do we have the IT resources to build out and support an enterprise BI framework?
  • What are the cost factors we need to consider around cost of entry vs. total cost of ownership? Can these costs be justified and/or recovered through savings?
  • What does ‘Big Data’ mean to my IT budget? What about other important initiatives we want to address?

We cordially invite you to attend the first in a series of 1-hour webinars to address the challenges around BI. The focus of this webinar will be the topics raised above with specific focus on understanding how to get many ‘Big Data’ benefits without the hurdles and roadblocks associated with traditional BI. We will be discussing and showcasing MaxInsight, an intuitive and powerful toolkit for delivering robust work management, asset management, inventory and supply chain metrics utilizing your valuable Maximo data.

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