Our Values
Kind and Courageous
Kind, warm, aggressive and brave Do something but not everything
Critical and Independent
See through the phenomenon to perceive the essence Do not echo, do not follow blindly
Results Oriented
Goal-oriented Responsible for results
Diverse but United
We encourage talent and personality and also call for strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions
Detail Oriented
Start with little things Take each detail seriously
Team Building
Koh Samet April, 2012
Bali April, 2015
Abu Dhabi May, 2017
Universal Studios October, 2021
Universal Studios October, 2021
Bangkok, Thailand April, 2012
Shanxi Hukou Waterfall October, 2018
Saipan April, 2014
Dubai May, 2017
Sanya Wuzhizhou Island May, 2021
Da Nang, Vietnam May, 2013
Jeju Island, South Korea April, 2019
Dali, Yunnan June, 2021
Hokkaido, Japan April, 2016
Okinawa, Japan May, 2018
MaxInsight Public Welfare
Continuously follow - "Hongdandan" Mutual Aid for the Health of the Blind
MaxInsight has cooperated with "Hongdandan" for eight years. Nearly 800 employees and their relatives gain further understanding of visually impaired people and jointly help them experience the world and feel cultural and recreational activities which ordinary people can attend.
Constant dripping wears away a stone - Practice charitable activities
Since engagement in charitable activities, more than 100 pieces of charity clues have been received from MaxInsighters. After verification, "Sun Village" Donation, book donation, charitable auction donation, Chunmiao student assistance… many charity clues have been really practiced by MaxInsighters. We cannot do everything but we are willing to participate in whatever involved in charity, while influencing MaxInsighters with MaxInsight.